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[kel-ee] /ˈkɛl i/

noun, plural kellies, kellys. Slang.
a man’s stiff hat, as a derby or straw skimmer.
[kel-ee] /ˈkɛl i/
Ellsworth, born 1923, U.S. painter and sculptor.
Emmett (Leo) 1898–1979, U.S. circus clown and pantomimist.
Eugene Curran [kur-uh n,, kuhr-] /ˈkɜr ən,, ˈkʌr-/ (Show IPA), (“Gene”) 1912–96, U.S. dancer, choreographer, actor, and director.
George (Edward) 1887–1974, U.S. playwright and actor.
Grace Patricia (Princess Grace of Monaco) 1929–82, U.S. actress: married Prince Rainier III of Monaco 1956.
Walt, 1913–73, U.S. cartoonist.
Also, Kellie. a male or female given name.
Gene, full name Eugene Curran Kelly. 1912–96, US dancer, choreographer, film actor, and director. His many films include An American in Paris (1951) and Singin’ in the Rain (1952)
Grace. 1929–82, US film actress. Her films included High Noon (1952) and High Society (1956). She married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956 and died following a car crash
Ned. 1855–80, Australian horse and cattle thief and bushranger, active in Victoria: captured by the police and hanged
game as Ned Kelly, as game as Ned Kelly, See game1 (sense 25)

common Irish surname, from Old Irish ceallach “war.” As a type of pool played with 15 balls, it is attested from 1898. Kelly green first recorded 1917.


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