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any of several spider crabs common among kelp beds along the Pacific coast of North America.


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  • Kelper

    [kel-per] /ˈkɛl pər/ noun, Informal. 1. a native or inhabitant of the Falkland Islands.

  • Kelpfish

    [kelp-fish] /ˈkɛlpˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural (especially collectively) kelpfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) kelpfishes. 1. any of several blennies that are common among . Compare . 2. any of various other that live among .

  • Kelp-greenling

    noun 1. a food and game fish, Hexagrammos decagrammus, living among the kelp along the Pacific coast of North America.

  • Kelpie

    [kel-pee] /ˈkɛl pi/ noun 1. (in Scottish legends) a water spirit, usually having the form of a horse, reputed to cause drownings or to warn those in danger of drowning. [kel-pee] /ˈkɛl pi/ noun 1. . /ˈkɛlpɪ/ noun (pl) -pies 1. an Australian breed of sheepdog, originally developed from Scottish collies, having a smooth coat […]

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