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[ken-droo] /ˈkɛn dru/

John C(owdery)
[koh-dree] /ˈkoʊ dri/ (Show IPA), 1917–97, English scientist: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1962.
Sir John Cowdery. 1917–97, British biochemist. Using X-ray diffraction he discovered the structure of myoglobin, for which he shared a Nobel Prize (1962) with Max Perutz

Kendrew Ken·drew (kěn’drōō’), John Cowdery. Born 1917.

British biologist. He shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for chemistry for determining the molecular structure of blood components.
British molecular biologist who studied the chemistry of the blood and determined by x-ray crystallography the structure of the muscle protein myoglobin. For this work he shared with Max Perutz the 1962 Nobel Prize for chemistry.


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