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Elizabeth (“Sister Kenny”) 1886–1952, Australian nurse: researcher in poliomyelitis therapy.
Also, Kenney, Kennie. a male given name, form of Kenneth.
Kenneth Earl (“Kenny”) born 1931, U.S. jazz guitarist.
Arthur C(harles) 1917–2008, English science-fiction writer.
Kenneth Spearman [speer-muh n] /ˈspɪər mən/ (Show IPA), (“Kenny”; “Klook”) 1914–85, U.S. jazz drummer, a bebop pioneer.
Contemporary Examples

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‘Archer Creator Adam Reed on ‘Vice,’ Season 6’s ‘Unreboot,’ and New Characters Marlow Stern August 4, 2014
A Supermodel’s Shocking Reunion Jacob Bernstein September 21, 2010
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Historical Examples

Kenny Leona Dalrymple
The History of “Punch” M. H. Spielmann
Kenny Leona Dalrymple
Sister Carrie Theodore Dreiser
Black Man’s Burden Dallas McCord Reynolds

Brett. born 1961, Australian rugby league player; scored 10 tries in 17 games for Australia (1982–87)
Yvonne, born 1950, Australian opera singer, noted for her performances in Mozart and Handel operas
Paul. born 1958, British butler and confidant to Diana, Princess of Wales. After her death he was charged with but (2003) acquitted of stealing from her estate. His book, A Royal Duty (2003), revealed intimate details of her life
Sir Arthur C(harles). 1917–2008, British science-fiction writer, who helped to develop the first communications satellites. He scripted the film 2001, A Space Odyssey (1968)
Austin. 1896–1974, Irish poet and verse dramatist. His volumes include The Vengeance of Fionn (1917), Night and Morning (1938), and Ancient Lights (1955)
Jeremiah. ?1673-1707, English composer and organist, best known for his Trumpet Voluntary, formerly attributed to Purcell
Kenneth Harry. born 1940, British Conservative politician: secretary of state for health (1988-1990); secretary of state for education (1990-1992); home secretary (1992-93); chancellor of the exchequer (1993-97); secretary of state for justice and Lord Chancellor (2010–2012)
Marcus (Andrew Hislop). 1846–81, Australian novelist born in England, noted for his novel For the Term of His Natural Life, published in serial form (1870–72); other works include Twixt Shadow and Shine (1875)


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