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a plant name formerly used to include palms now allotted to several different genera and still used commercially to denote the feather palm genus Howea, native to Lord Howe Island, popular as greenhouse or house plants for their decorative arching foliage: family Palmaceae


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  • Kentia-palm

    [ken-tee-uh] /ˈkɛn ti ə/ noun 1. a palm, Howea forsterana, of Lord Howe Island, Australia, having erect leaves, widely cultivated as an ornamental.

  • Kentish

    [ken-tish] /ˈkɛn tɪʃ/ adjective 1. of or relating to Kent or its people. /ˈkɛntɪʃ/ adjective 1. of or relating to Kent noun 2. Also Jutish. the dialect of Old and Middle English spoken in Kent See also Anglian, West Saxon

  • Kentish-fire

    noun, British. 1. prolonged clapping by an audience, especially in unison, indicating impatience or disapproval.

  • Kentish glory

    noun 1. a moth, Endromis versicolora, common in north and central Europe, having brown variegated front wings and, in the male, orange hindwings

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