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[kuh n-tuhk-ee] /kənˈtʌk i/

a state in the E central United States. 40,395 sq. mi. (104,625 sq. km).
Capital: Frankfort.
Abbreviation: KY (for use with zip code), Ken., Ky.
a river flowing NW from E Kentucky to the Ohio River. 259 miles (415 km) long.
a state of the S central US: consists of an undulating plain in the west, the Bluegrass region in the centre, the Tennessee and Ohio River basins in the southwest, and the Appalachians in the east. Capital: Frankfort. Pop: 4 117 827 (2003 est). Area: 102 693 sq km (39 650 sq miles) Abbreviation Ken., Ky., (with zip code) KY
a river in central Kentucky, rising in the Cumberland Mountains and flowing northwest to the Ohio River. Length: 417 km (259 miles)

U.S. state, earlier a county of Virginia, organized 1776; the name is of Iroquois or Shawnee origin, perhaps a Wyandot (Iroquoian) word meaning “meadow” (cf. Seneca geda’geh “at the field”); the river name seems to have been the original use in English; the native use perhaps was first in reference to a village in Clark County known in Shawnee as Eskippakithiki. Related: Kentuckian.

State in the east-central United States bordered by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio to the north; West Virginia and Virginia to the east; Tennessee to the south; and Missouri to the west. Its capital is Frankfort. Louisville is its largest city.

Note: The state is known for the breeding of race horses. The Kentucky Derby, a famous horse race, is held every year in Louisville.

Note: Kentucky bluegrass is a type of folk music that originated in the southern United States. The music is named for a bluish-tinged grass that grows in Kentucky.


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