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keratic ke·rat·ic (kě-rāt’ĭk, kə-)


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  • Keratectomy

    [ker-uh-tek-tuh-mee] /ˌkɛr əˈtɛk tə mi/ noun, plural keratectomies. Surgery. 1. excision of part of the cornea. keratectomy ker·a·tec·to·my (kěr’ə-těk’tə-mē) n. Excision of a portion of the cornea.

  • Keratin

    [ker-uh-tin] /ˈkɛr ə tɪn/ noun 1. a scleroprotein or albuminoid substance, found in the dead outer skin layer, and in horn, hair, feathers, hoofs, nails, claws, bills, etc. /ˈkɛrətɪn/ noun 1. a fibrous protein that occurs in the outer layer of the skin and in hair, nails, feathers, hooves, etc n. basic substance of horns, […]

  • Keratinase

    keratinase ker·a·tin·ase (kěr’ə-tn-ās’, -āz’) n. Any of various enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of keratin.

  • Keratinization

    [ker-uh-tn-ahyz] /ˈkɛr ə tnˌaɪz/ verb (used with or without object), keratinized, keratinizing. 1. to make or become keratinous. /kɪˈrætɪˌnaɪz; ˈkɛrətɪ-/ verb 1. to become or cause to become impregnated with keratin keratinization ker·a·tin·i·za·tion (kěr’ə-tn-ĭ-zā’shən) n. The conversion of squamous epithelial cells into a horny material, such as nails. Also called cornification.

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