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[ker-uh-tahy-tis] /ˌkɛr əˈtaɪ tɪs/

noun, Pathology.
inflammation of the cornea.
inflammation of the cornea

keratitis ker·a·ti·tis (kěr’ə-tī’tĭs)
n. pl. ker·a·tit·i·des (-tĭt’ĭ-dēz’)
Inflammation of the cornea.


Read Also:

  • Keratin pearl

    keratin pearl n. A focus of central keratinization found within concentric layers of abnormal squamous cells, occurring in squamous cell carcinoma. Also called epithelial pearl.

  • Keratitis sicca

    keratitis sicca keratitis sic·ca (sĭk’ə) n. Inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye with decreased tears.

  • Kerato-

    1. variant of : keratogenous. combining form 1. indicating horn or a horny substance: keratin, keratogenous 2. indicating the cornea: keratoplasty before vowels, kerat-, word-forming element meaning “horn, horny,” from Greek keras (genitive keratos) “horn,” from PIE *ker- (1) “horn, head” (see horn (n.)). kerato- or kerat- or cerato- or cerat- pref.

  • Keratoacanthoma

    keratoacanthoma ker·a·to·ac·an·tho·ma (kěr’ə-tō-āk’ən-thō’mə) n. A rapidly growing skin tumor having a central keratin mass and usually occurring on exposed areas, invading the dermis but remaining localized and usually healing spontaneously.

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