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keratopachyderma ker·a·to·pach·y·der·ma (kěr’ə-tō-pāk’ĭ-dûr’mə)
A syndrome of congenital deafness characterized by the formation of bandlike constrictions of the fingers and hyperkeratosis of the skin of the palms, soles, elbows, and knees appearing in childhood.


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  • Keratopathy

    keratopathy ker·a·top·a·thy (kěr’ə-tŏp’ə-thē) n. A noninflammatory disease of the cornea.

  • Keratophakia

    keratophakia ker·a·to·pha·ki·a (kěr’ə-tō-fā’kē-ə) n. Keratoplasty in which corneal tissue from a donor is frozen, reshaped, and transplanted into the corneal stroma of the recipient to modify refractive error.

  • Keratoplasty

    [ker-uh-toh-plas-tee] /ˈkɛr ə toʊˌplæs ti/ noun, plural keratoplasties. 1. plastic surgery performed upon the cornea, especially a corneal transplantation. /ˈkɛrətəʊˌplæstɪ/ noun (pl) -ties 1. plastic surgery of the cornea, esp involving corneal grafting keratoplasty ker·a·to·plas·ty (kěr’ə-tō-plās’tē) n. Surgical replacement of an opaque portion of the cornea with a piece of cornea having the same size […]

  • Keratoprosthesis

    keratoprosthesis ker·a·to·pros·the·sis (kěr’ə-tō-prŏs-thē’sĭs) n. An acrylic plastic replacement for the central area of an opacified cornea.

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