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a blouse worn by Malay women


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  • Kerb crawling

    noun 1. the act of driving slowly along the edge of the pavement seeking to entice someone into the car for sexual purposes

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    noun 1. a pedestrian’s procedure for crossing a road safely, esp as taught to children

  • Kerbed

    [kurb] /kɜrb/ noun, verb (used with object), British. 1. (defs 1, 15). /kɜːb/ noun 1. something that restrains or holds back 2. any enclosing framework, such as a wall of stones around the top of a well 3. 4. a hard swelling on the hock of a horse verb (transitive) 5. to control with or […]

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    [kur-buh-luh] /ˈkɜr bə lə/ noun 1. a town in central Iraq: holy city of the Shiʿite sect. /ˈkɜːbələ/ noun 1. a variant of Karbala

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