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[ker-choo] /kərˈtʃu/

[ah-choo] /ɑˈtʃu/
(used to represent the sound of a person sneezing.)


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  • Kerel

    /ˈkerəl/ noun 1. (South African) a chap or fellow

  • Keren-happuch

    horn of the face-paint = cosmetic-box, the name of Job’s third daughter (Job. 42:14), born after prosperity had returned to him.

  • Kereru

    /kɛrɛruː/ noun (pl) kereru 1. another name for New Zealand pigeon

  • Keresan

    [ker-uh-suh n] /ˈkɛr ə sən/ noun 1. a family of languages spoken by Pueblo tribes of the Rio Grande valley and neighboring areas.

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