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a simple, active, declarative sentence containing no modifiers or connectives that may be used in making more elaborate sentences: The sentence “Good tests are short” is made from two kernel sentences: (1) “Tests are short.” (2) “(The) tests are good.”.


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  • Kernel-smut

    noun, Plant Pathology. 1. a disease of sorghum and other grasses in which the grains are replaced by the black spores of a smut fungus, especially of the genera Tilletia and Ustilago.

  • Kernel user interface package

    tool (KUIP) The human interface to Physics Analysis Workbench (PAW). (1994-11-11)

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    kernicterus ker·nic·ter·us (kûr-nĭk’tər-əs) n. A grave form of jaundice of the newborn characterized by very high levels of unconjugated bilirubin in the blood and by yellow staining and degenerative lesions in the cerebral gray matter. Also called nuclear jaundice.

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