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[ki-tol-uh-sis] /kɪˈtɒl ə sɪs/

noun, plural ketolyses
[ki-tol-uh-seez] /kɪˈtɒl əˌsiz/ (Show IPA). Chemistry.
the breaking down of ketones.

ketolytic ke·to·lyt·ic (kē’tō-lĭt’ĭk)
Relating to or causing the decomposition of ketones. Used especially of the oxidation products of glucose and similar substances.


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  • Ketonaemia

    /ˌkiːtəʊˈniːmɪə/ noun 1. (pathol) an excess of ketone bodies in the blood

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    [kee-tohn] /ˈki toʊn/ noun, Chemistry. 1. any of a class of organic compounds containing a carbonyl group, CO, attached to two alkyl groups, as CH 3 COCH 3 or CH 3 COC 2 H 5 . adjective 2. containing the . /ˈkiːtəʊn/ noun 1. any of a class of compounds with the general formula R′COR, […]

  • Ketone-body

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. any of three compounds, acetoacetic acid, beta-hydroxybutyric acid, or acetone, that are intermediate in the metabolism of fatty acids and that are found in abnormal quantities in the blood and urine during certain pathological conditions, as diabetes mellitus. noun 1. (biochem) any of three compounds (acetoacetic acid, 3-hydroxybutanoic acid, and acetone) produced […]

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    noun, Chemistry. 1. the characteristic group occurring in ketones that consists of the carbonyl group attached to two alkyl groups. noun 1. (chem) the functional group of ketones: a carbonyl group attached to the carbon atoms of two other organic groups

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