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[ket-l] /ˈkɛt l/

a metal container in which to boil liquids, cook foods, etc.; pot.
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Geology. .
a metal or plastic container with a handle and spout for boiling water
any of various metal containers for heating liquids, cooking fish, etc
a large metal vessel designed to withstand high temperatures, used in various industrial processes such as refining and brewing
(Brit, informal) an enclosed space formed by a police cordon in order to contain people involved in a public demonstration
short for kettle hole
(transitive) (Brit, informal) (of a police force) to contain (people involved in a public demonstration) in an enclosed space

Old English cetil (Mercian), from Latin catillus “deep pan or dish for cooking,” diminutive of catinus “bowl, dish, pot.” A general Germanic borrowing (cf. Old Saxon ketel, Old Frisian zetel, Middle Dutch ketel, Old High German kezzil, German Kessel). Spelling with a -k- (c.1300) probably is from influence of Old Norse cognate ketill. The smaller sense of “tea-kettle” is attested by 1769.
A steep, bowl-shaped hollow in ground once covered by a glacier. Kettles are believed to form when a block of ice left by a glacier becomes covered by sediments and later melts, leaving a hollow. They are usually tens of meters deep and up to tens of kilometers in diameter and often contain surface water.

a large pot for cooking. The same Hebrew word (dud, “boiling”) is rendered also “pot” (Ps. 81:6), “caldron” (2 Chr. 35:13), “basket” (Jer. 24:2). It was used for preparing the peace-offerings (1 Sam. 2:13, 14).

In addition to the idiom beginning with kettle


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