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[Ashkenazic Hebrew, English kuh-too-buh; Sephardic Hebrew kuh-too-bah] /Ashkenazic Hebrew, English kəˈtu bə; Sephardic Hebrew kə tuˈbɑ/

noun, plural ketuboth, ketubot, ketubos
[Ashkenazic Hebrew kuh-too-bohs; Sephardic Hebrew kuh-too-bawt] /Ashkenazic Hebrew kəˈtu boʊs; Sephardic Hebrew kə tuˈbɔt/ (Show IPA). English, ketubahs. Hebrew.
the formal contract in a Jewish religious marriage that includes specific financial protection for the wife in the event that the husband dies or divorces her.
(Judaism) the contract that states the obligations within Jewish marriage


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