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a compass saw for cutting keyholes, etc.


Read Also:

  • Keyhole surgery

    noun 1. surgery carried out through a very small incision noun any surgical procedure done with a fiber-optic video device and lasers or tiny instruments within a very small incision; also called laparoscopic surgery , minimally invasive surgery Usage Note medicine

  • Key indicator

    noun a singularly important sign that something will happen Examples The sales of durable goods is a key indicator for the economy.

  • Keying-sequence

    noun, Cryptography. 1. a sequence made up of letters or numbers that can encode or decode a polyalphabetic substitution cipher one letter at a time.

  • Key-in-lock maneuver

    key-in-lock maneuver n. A method by which obstetrical forceps are used to rotate the fetal head.

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