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[kal-uh-feyt, -fit, key-luh-] /ˈkæl əˌfeɪt, -fɪt, ˈkeɪ lə-/

[kal-uh-feyt, -fit, key-luh-] /ˈkæl əˌfeɪt, -fɪt, ˈkeɪ lə-/
the rank, jurisdiction, or government of a .
/ˈkeɪlɪˌfeɪt; -fɪt; ˈkæl-/
the office, jurisdiction, or reign of a caliph

“dominion of a caliph,” 1610s, from caliph + -ate (1). Meaning “rank of a caliph” is recorded from 1753.


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