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[khaht-too-sahs] /ˈxɑt tʊˈsɑs/



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  • Khayal

    /kəˈjɑːl/ noun 1. a kind of Indian classical vocal music

  • Khayyam

    [kahy-yahm, -yam] /kaɪˈyɑm, -ˈyæm/ noun 1. Omar, . /kaɪˈɑːm/ noun 1. See Omar Khayyám

  • Khazi

    /ˈkɑːzɪ/ noun 1. (slang) a lavatory; toilet

  • Kheda

    [ked-uh] /ˈkɛd ə/ noun 1. (in India) an enclosure constructed to ensnare wild elephants. /ˈkɛdə/ noun 1. (in India, Myanmar, etc) an enclosure into which wild elephants are driven to be captured

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