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[koh-rah-nuh, kaw-] /koʊˈrɑ nə, kɔ-/

Har Gobind
[hahr goh-bind] /hɑr ˈgoʊ bɪnd/ (Show IPA), 1922–2011, U.S. biochemist and researcher in genetics, born in India: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1968.

Khorana Kho·ra·na (kō-rä’nə), Har Gobind. Born 1922.

Indian-born American biochemist. He shared a 1968 Nobel Prize for the study of genetic codes.
Indian-born American biochemist. He developed one of the first artificial genes and determined the sequence of nucleic acids for each of the 20 amino acids in the human body. He shared a 1968 Nobel prize for his studies of the genetic code.


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