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know how you feel


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  • KHz

    1. . symbol 1. kilohertz kilohertz

  • Ki

    [kee] /ki/ noun 1. the Sumerian goddess personifying earth: the counterpart of the Akkadian Aruru. Bible. 1. . abbreviation 1. Kiribati noun A kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) of a narcotic: enough opium to produce a key (kilo) of heroin/ Anybody who can handle a key of pure coke is dealing big [Narcotics; fr kilo] Related […]

  • KIA

    1. Also, K.I.A. killed in action. 2. plural KIA’s, KIAs. a member of the military services who has been killed in action. killed in action

  • Kiaat

    /ˈkiːɑːt/ noun 1. a tropical African leguminous tree, Pterocarpus angolensis 2. the wood of this tree, used for furniture, floors, etc

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