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Kick stick

noun phrase

A marijuana cigarette (1960s+ Narcotics)


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  • Kick-the-cat

    modifier Angry and frustrated: puts the IRS in a surly, kick-the-cat mood [1990s+; fr the image of one who kicks the cat when the real target of anger is unknown or unreachable]

  • Kick the habit

    see: kick a habit

  • Kick the tires

    verb phrase To make a quick and superficial inspection; do cursory checking: simplistic agrarian vision bought by the war-weary nation without kicking the tires/ has asked PC Magazine to kick the tires and slam the doors [1970s+; fr such an examination made while appraising a car]

  • Kick-turn

    noun, Skiing. 1. a turn from a stationary position in which a skier lifts one ski to a point where the heel is nearly at right angles to the snow, then faces the ski outward, sets it down in the direction to be turned, and swings the other ski around so that both skis are […]

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