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[kik-bawl] /ˈkɪkˌbɔl/

a children’s game, similar to baseball, in which a large inflated , as a soccer , is instead of being batted.


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  • Kickboard

    [kik-bawrd, -bohrd] /ˈkɪkˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd/ noun, Swimming. 1. a buoyant, usually small that is used to support the arms of a swimmer, used chiefly in practicing movements.

  • Kick booty

    verb phrase kick ass (1980s+)

  • Kick-boxing

    noun 1. a form of boxing in which the gloved combatants may also kick with bare feet. noun 1. a martial art that resembles boxing but permits blows with the feet as well as punches

  • Kickdown

    /ˈkɪkˌdaʊn/ noun 1. a method of changing gear in a car with automatic transmission, by fully depressing the accelerator

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