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a fanciful word for “wife” in Shakespeare (“All’s Well,” II iii.297), 1601, apparently a perversion of kickshaw “a fancy dish in cookery.”


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  • Kick someone around

    verb phrase To abuse; repeatedly maltreat: Mr Nixon said the press wouldn’t have him to kick around anymore (1912+ Students)

  • Kick someone to the curb

    verb phrase To be no longer employed or wanted; made surplus: It shall be rendered, as the British say, redundant. Or as my contemporaries would observe, kicked to the curb (1990s+)

  • Kick someone out

    verb phrase To eject, expel, or dismiss someone; bounce: She kicked Peter out of the apartment (1711+)

  • Kicksorter

    /ˈkɪkˌsɔːtə/ noun 1. (physics) a multichannel pulse-height analyser used esp to distinguish between isotopes by sorting their characteristic pulses (kicks)

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