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Michael (Milton Greenwald) 1919–2007, U.S. dancer and choreographer.
William (“Captain Kidd”) 1645?–1701, Scottish navigator and privateer: hanged for piracy.
Contemporary Examples

“Dave’s Whipping Boy” Paul Shaffer October 1, 2009
Treasure Hunt to Discover Oak Island’s Mysterious Booty Nina Strochlic February 26, 2014

Historical Examples

Ship’s Company, The Entire Collection W.W. Jacobs
Elizabeth Hobart at Exeter Hall Jean K. Baird
The Von Toodleburgs F. Colburn Adams
The Universal Reciter Various
The Heir to Grand Pr John Frederic Herbin
The Pirate of Panama William MacLeod Raine
Stronghand Gustave Aimard
Oldtown Fireside Stories Harriet Beecher Stowe

William, known as Captain Kidd. 1645–1701, Scottish privateer, pirate, and murderer; hanged


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