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[kid-nee-sheypt] /ˈkɪd niˌʃeɪpt/

having the general shape of a long oval indented at one side; reniform:
a kidney-shaped swimming pool.
shaped like an oval with an inward curve at one side


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  • Kidney-stone

    noun, Pathology. 1. an abnormal stone, or concretion, composed primarily of oxalates and phosphates, found in the kidney. noun 1. (pathol) Also called renal calculus. a hard mass formed in the kidney, usually composed of oxalates, phosphates, and carbonates 2. (mineralogy) another name for nephrite kidney stone n. A small hard mass in the kidney […]

  • Kidney-vetch

    noun 1. an Old World plant, Anthyllis vulneraria, of the legume family, formerly used as a remedy for kidney diseases. noun 1. a silky leguminous perennial plant, Anthyllis vulneraria, of Europe and N Africa, with yellow or orange flowers Also called ladies’ fingers

  • Kidney-worm

    noun 1. any of various large nematodes parasitic in the kidneys, especially Stephanurus dentatus, found in pigs.

  • Kidneywort

    [kid-nee-wurt, -wawrt] /ˈkɪd niˌwɜrt, -ˌwɔrt/ noun 1. the navelwort, Umbilicus rupestris, of the stonecrop family, having drooping yellowish-green flowers.

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