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[kid-pawrn] /ˈkɪdˌpɔrn/

noun, Informal.


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  • Kidron

    [kee-druh n, kid-ruh n] /ˈki drən, ˈkɪd rən/ noun 1. a ravine E of Jerusalem, leading to the Mount of Olives: traditionally identified by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions as the Valley of Decision, the place of final judgment. Joel 3:2, 12. /ˈkiːdrən/ noun 1. a variant of Kedron = Kedron = Cedron, turbid, the […]

  • Kids

    [kid] /kɪd/ noun 1. Informal. a child or young person. 2. (used as a familiar form of address.) 3. a young goat. 4. leather made from the skin of a kid or goat, used in making shoes and gloves. 5. a glove made from this leather. verb (used with or without object), kidded, kidding. 6. […]

  • Kid show

    noun phrase A sideshow (1930+ Circus)

  • Kidskin

    [kid-skin] /ˈkɪdˌskɪn/ noun 1. leather made from the of a young goat; . adjective 2. made of kidskin: kidskin gloves. /ˈkɪdˌskɪn/ noun 1. a soft smooth leather made from the hide of a young goat Often shortened to kid

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