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[kil-joi] /ˈkɪlˌdʒɔɪ/

a person who spoils the joy or pleasure of others; spoilsport.


Read Also:

  • Kill or cure

    Either remedy a disease or kill the patient, as in The copy chief did not like her headline for the drug, “Kill or Cure.” This expression dates from the mid-1700s, when it was already being used half-jokingly.

  • Killout

    noun A remarkable person or thing; kick (1950s+ Black)

  • Kill-shot

    noun, Sports. 1. a decisive smashing or punching of a ball with the hand or a racquet such that it is virtually unreturnable, as in volleyball, handball, or badminton.

  • Kill the messenger

    modifier : In a shoot-the-messenger diversionary tactic, the spotlight swung away from Clarence Thomas and smack onto Totenberg verb phrase To punish the bearer of bad news: Dreyfus is right. Let’s not make the mistake of killing the messenger (1980s+)

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