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[kil-er] /ˈkɪl ər/

a person or thing that .
a device used by a post office for printing cancellations on postage stamps.
a mark of cancellation made on a postage stamp.
Slang. something or someone having a formidable impact, devastating effect, etc.:
The math test was a real killer.
adjective, Slang.
severe; powerful:
a killer cold.
very difficult or demanding:
a killer chess tournament.
highly effective; superior:
a killer recipe for fried chicken.

something, esp a task or activity, that is particularly taxing or exhausting
(Austral & NZ) an animal selected to be slaughtered for food

late 15c., agent noun from kill (v.). But a surname, Ric[hard] Le Kyller is attested from 1288. Figurative use from 1550s. Meaning “impressive person or thing” is by 1900 (as an adjective, 1979); reduplicated form killer-diller attested by 1938. Killer whale is from 1725; killer instinct is attested from 1931, originally in boxing.


(also killer-diller): not only was it a killer version/ The killer idea of the century is about to be laid on you (1970s+)


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