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[kil-drahy, kiln-] /ˈkɪlˌdraɪ, ˈkɪln-/

verb (used with object), kiln-dried, kiln-drying.
to dry in a kiln.


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  • Kilner jar

    /ˈkɪlnə/ noun 1. trademark a glass preserving jar with an airtight lid, used for bottling fruit or vegetables

  • Kiln-run-brick

    noun 1. any of various bricks of sufficient hardness to be exposed to the weather.

  • Kilo

    [kee-loh, kil-oh] /ˈki loʊ, ˈkɪl oʊ/ noun, plural kilos. 1. . 2. . 3. (a word used in communications to represent the letter K.) 1. a Greek combining form meaning “thousand,” introduced from French in the nomenclature of the metric system (kiloliter); on this model, used in the formation of compound words in other scientific […]

  • Kilobar

    [kil-uh-bahr] /ˈkɪl əˌbɑr/ noun 1. a unit of pressure, equal to 1000 (14,500 pounds per square inch; equivalent to 100 megapascals). Abbreviation: kb.

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