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noun, Physics.
a theory that the temperature of a body is determined by the average kinetic energy of its particles and that an inflow of heat increases this energy.


Read Also:

  • Kinetic-theory-of-matter

    noun, Physics. 1. a theory that matter is composed of small particles, all in random motion. noun phrase a theory that matter consists of small particles in rapid random motion

  • Kinetin

    [kahy-ni-tin] /ˈkaɪ nɪ tɪn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a synthetic cytokinin, C 10 H 9 ON 5 , that retards senescence in plants.

  • Kineto-

    1. a combining form with the meanings “movement,” “movable,” “moving,” used in the formation of compound words: kinetograph; kinetosome. word-forming element meaning “motion,” from Greek kineto-, comb. form of kinetos (see kinetic). kineto- pref. Movement: kinetoplast.

  • Kinetocardiogram

    kinetocardiogram ki·net·o·car·di·o·gram (kə-nět’ō-kär’dē-ə-grām’, -nē’tō-, kī-) n. A graphic recording of the vibrations of the chest wall produced by cardiac activity. ki·net’o·car’di·o·graph’ (-grāf’) adj.

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