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noun, Shipbuilding.
a plank running along the center line of a deck, into which all other planks are fitted.


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  • King-post

    noun 1. a structural member running vertically between the apex and base of a triangular roof truss. 2. Machinery. a rotating or stationary column for supporting tackle or booms used in lifting. noun 1. a vertical post connecting the apex of a triangular roof truss to the tie beam Also called joggle post Compare queen […]

  • King prawn

    noun 1. any of several large prawns of the genus Penaeus, which are fished commercially in Australian waters

  • King-rail

    noun 1. a large, long-billed rail, Rallus elegans, of North America, having reddish-brown plumage.

  • King-rod

    noun 1. . [king-bohlt] /ˈkɪŋˌboʊlt/ noun 1. a vertical connecting the body of a vehicle with the fore axle, the body of a railroad car with a truck, etc. 2. (in a roof truss) an iron or steel rod serving as a . /ˈkɪŋˌbəʊlt/ noun 1.

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