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[king-fish] /ˈkɪŋˌfɪʃ/

noun, plural (especially collectively) kingfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) kingfishes.
any of several marine food of the drum family, especially of the genus Menticirrhus, found off the E coast of the U.S.
Also called white croaker. a marine , Genyonemus lineatus, found off the Californian coast.
a large , Seriola grandis, found in Australia and New Zealand, closely related to the yellowtail.
any of various other noted especially for their size.
Informal. a person regarded as a leader or authority:
a kingfish in Democratic Party circles.
noun (pl) -fish, -fishes
any marine sciaenid food and game fish of the genus Menticirrhus, occurring in warm American Atlantic coastal waters
another name for opah
any of various other large food fishes, esp the Spanish mackerel
Also called (NZ) haku. a large food and game fish, Seriola lalandi lalandi, of New Zealand waters


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