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[ging-duh-jen] /ˈgɪŋˌdʌˈdʒɛn/

noun, Older Spelling.


Read Also:

  • King-truss

    noun, Building Trades. 1. a truss having a king post.

  • Kingu

    [kin-goo] /ˈkɪn gu/ noun 1. (in Akkadian myth) a son of Apsu and Tiamat whose blood Ea and Marduk used in creating the human race.

  • King-vulture

    noun 1. a large, black-and-white vulture, Sarcorhamphus papa, of Central and South America, having colorful wattles and wartlike protuberances on its head and neck.

  • Kingwana

    /kɪŋˈwɑːnə/ noun 1. a language of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaïre) in W Africa, closely related to Swahili and used as a lingua franca

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