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[king-kuh l] /ˈkɪŋ kəl/

a little .


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  • Kinkly

    [king-kuh l] /ˈkɪŋ kəl/ noun 1. a little .

  • Kinky

    [king-kee] /ˈkɪŋ ki/ adjective, kinkier, kinkiest. 1. full of ; closely twisted: a kinky wire. 2. (of hair) closely or tightly curled. 3. Slang. marked by unconventional sexual preferences or behavior, as fetishism, sadomasochism, or the like. /ˈkɪŋkɪ/ adjective kinkier, kinkiest 1. (slang) given to unusual, abnormal, or deviant sexual practices 2. (informal) exhibiting unusual […]

  • Kinky-hair disease

    kinky-hair disease kink·y-hair disease (kĭng’kē-hâr’) n. A congenital metabolic defect manifested by short, sparse, poorly pigmented kinky hair and associated with failure to thrive, physical and mental retardation, and progressive deterioration of the brain. Also called Menkes syndrome.

  • Kinmen

    [Chinese kin-muhn] /Chinese ˈkɪnˈmʌn/ noun, Older Spelling. 1. .

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