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[kin-raws, -ros] /kɪnˈrɔs, -ˈrɒs/

a historic county in E Scotland.


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  • Kinross-shire

    /kɪnˈrɒsˌʃɪə; -ʃə/ noun 1. a former county of E central Scotland: became part of Tayside region in 1975 and part of Perth and Kinross in 1996

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  • Kin-selection

    noun, Biology. 1. a form of natural selection that favors altruistic behavior toward close relatives resulting in an increase in the altruistic individual’s genetic contribution to the next generation. noun 1. (biology) natural selection resulting from altruistic behaviour by animals towards members of the same species, esp their offspring or other relatives

  • Kinsella

    [kin-sel-uh] /kɪnˈsɛl ə/ noun 1. W(illiam) P(atrick) born 1935, U.S. novelist and short-story writer, born in Canada.

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