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[keer] /kɪər/

an apéritif of white wine or sometimes champagne (Kir Royale) flavored with cassis.
/kɜː; kir/
a drink made from dry white wine and cassis

“white wine and crème de cassis,” 1966 (popular in U.S. 1980s), from Canon Felix Kir (1876-1968), mayor of Dijon, who is said to have invented the recipe.

a wall or fortress, a place to which Tiglath-pileser carried the Syrians captive after he had taken the city of Damascus (2 Kings 16:9; Amos 1:5; 9:7). Isaiah (22:6), who also was contemporary with these events, mentions it along with Elam. Some have supposed that Kir is a variant of Cush (Susiana), on the south of Elam.


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