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[kich-uh-net] /ˌkɪtʃ əˈnɛt/

a very small, compact .
a small kitchen or part of another room equipped for use as a kitchen

1905, American English, a hybrid from kitchen + -ette.


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  • Kitchen-garden

    noun 1. a garden where vegetables, herbs, and fruit are grown for one’s own use. noun 1. a garden where vegetables and sometimes also fruit are grown

  • Kitchen kaffir

    noun 1. a derogatory term for Fanagalo

  • Kitchenmaid

    [kich-uh n-meyd] /ˈkɪtʃ ənˌmeɪd/ noun 1. a female servant who assists the cook.

  • Kitchen-match

    noun 1. a wooden friction match with a large head, used especially for igniting gas ovens or burners.

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