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(Gen. 10:4). (See CHITTIM.)


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  • Kittiwake

    [kit-ee-weyk] /ˈkɪt iˌweɪk/ noun 1. either of two small, pearl-gray gulls of the genus Rissa, the black-legged R. tridactyla of the North Atlantic and the red-legged and red-billed R. brevirostris, of the Bering Sea, both nesting on narrow cliff ledges and having a rudimentary hind toe. /ˈkɪtɪˌweɪk/ noun 1. either of two oceanic gulls of […]

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    [kit-l] /ˈkɪt l/ British Dialect verb (used with object), kittled, kittling. 1. to tickle with the fingers; agitate or stir, as with a spoon. 2. to excite or rouse (a person), especially by flattery or strong words. adjective, kittler, kittlest. 3. ticklish; fidgety. 4. requiring skill or caution; precarious. /ˈkɪtəl/ adjective 1. capricious and unpredictable […]

  • Kitt-peak-national-observatory

    noun 1. the U.S. national astronomical observatory near Tucson, Arizona, having over fifteen telescopes, including a 158-inch (4-meter) reflecting telescope.

  • Kittredge

    [ki-trij] /ˈkɪ trɪdʒ/ noun 1. George Lyman, 1860–1941, U.S. literary scholar, philologist, and educator.

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