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[klah-guh n-foo rt] /ˈklɑ gənˌfʊərt/

a city in S Austria.
[kuh-rin-thee-uh] /kəˈrɪn θi ə/
a province in S Austria. 3681 sq. mi. (9535 sq. km).
Capital: Klagenfurt.
/German ˈklaːɡənfʊrt/
a city in S Austria, capital of Carinthia province: tourist centre. Pop: 90 141 (2001)
a state of S Austria: an independent duchy from 976 to 1276; mainly mountainous, with many lakes and resorts. Capital: Klagenfurt. Pop: 559 440 (2003 est). Area: 9533 sq km (3681 sq miles) German name Kärnten


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