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[klahyn] /klaɪn/

[fee-liks;; German fey-liks] /ˈfi lɪks;; German ˈfeɪ lɪks/ (Show IPA), 1849–1925, German mathematician.
Melanie, 1882–1960, British psychoanalyst, specialist in treatment of children, born in Austria.
Calvin (Richard). born 1942, US fashion designer
Melanie. 1882–1960, Austrian psychoanalyst resident in England (from 1926), noted for her work on child behaviour


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  • Klein-bottle

    noun, Geometry. 1. a one-sided figure consisting of a tapered tube the narrow end of which is bent back, run through the side of the tube, and flared to join the wide end, thereby allowing any two points on the figure to be joined by an unbroken line. /klaɪn/ noun 1. (maths) a surface formed […]

  • Kleine-Levin syndrome

    [klahyn-luh-vin] /ˈklaɪn ləˈvɪn/ noun, Pathology. 1. prolonged episodes of excessive sleepiness often accompanied by overeating, hallucinations, and electroencephalogram changes, usually beginning in adolescence.

  • Kleinhuisie

    /ˈkleɪnˈheɪsɪ/ noun 1. (South African) an outside lavatory

  • Kleinian

    [klahy-nee-uh n] /ˈklaɪ ni ən/ adjective 1. referring to the theories formulated by Austrian child psychiatrist Melanie Klein (1882–1960).

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