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Kluge around

To avoid a bug or difficult condition by inserting a kluge.
Compare workaround.
[Jargon File]


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  • Klunker

    [kluhng-ker] /ˈklʌŋ kər/ noun, Slang. 1. (def 2).

  • Klutz

    [kluhts] /klʌts/ noun, Slang. 1. a clumsy, awkward person. 2. a stupid or foolish person; blockhead. /klʌts/ noun 1. (US & Canadian, slang) a clumsy or stupid person n. 1967, American English, from Yiddish klots “clumsy person, blockhead,” literally “block, lump,” from Middle High German klotz “lump, ball.” Cf. German klotz “boor, clod,” literally “wooden […]

  • Klutz around

    verb phrase To behave stupidly; tamper with clumsily (1960s+)

  • Klutziness

    [kluht-see] /ˈklʌt si/ adjective, klutzier, klutziest. Slang. 1. clumsy; awkward: If you weren’t so klutzy you wouldn’t have dropped it. 2. unwieldy; bulky or awkward: a klutzy pair of boots. 3. inept or thoughtless; boneheaded: a klutzy remark. adj. 1965, from klutz + -y (2). Related: Klutziness. adjective

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