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[nak-er] /ˈnæk ər/

noun, British.
a person who buys animal carcasses or slaughters useless livestock for a or rendering works.
a person who buys and dismembers old houses, ships, etc., to salvage usable parts, selling the rest as scrap.
Dialect. an old, sick, or useless farm animal, especially a horse.
Obsolete. a harness maker; a saddler.
a person who buys up old horses for slaughter
a person who buys up old buildings and breaks them up for scrap
(usually pl) (slang) another word for testicle
(Irish, slang) a despicable person
(transitive; usually passive) (slang) to exhaust; tire

usually in past tense, knackered, “to kill, castrate” (1855), but most often used in weakened sense of “to tire out” (1883); apparently from knacker (n.) “worn-out or useless horse,” 1812, of unknown origin; possibly from a dialectal survival of a Scandinavian word represented by Old Norse hnakkur “saddle,” hnakki “back of the neck,” and thus possibly related to neck (n.).


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    [nak-erd] /ˈnæk ərd/ adjective, British Slang. 1. exhausted; very tired: He is really knackered after work. /ˈnækəd/ adjective (Brit, slang) 1. exhausted; tired out 2. worn out; no longer working, esp after long or hard use adj. “worn out, tired,” past participle adjective from knacker (v.).

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