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a physical exercise in which a person starts from an erect position, moves to a squatting position, and returns to the original position without using the hands to support the body.

an exercise which involves squatting and deeply bending the knees

Knee bends strengthen the leg muscles.


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  • Kneeboard

    [nee-bawrd, ‐bohrd] /ˈniˌbɔrd, ‐ˌboʊrd/ noun 1. a short board for surfing or water-skiing in a kneeling position. 2. a clipboard for maps and checklists, used by pilots during a flight. verb (used without object) 3. to ride a kneeboard.

  • Knee-brace

    noun, Building Trades. 1. a diagonal member for bracing the angle between two joined members, as a stud or column and a joist or rafter, being joined to each partway along its length.

  • Knee-breeches

    plural noun 1. (def 1).

  • Kneecap

    [nee-kap] /ˈniˌkæp/ noun 1. the patella. 2. a protective covering, usually knitted, for the . verb (used with object), kneecapped, kneecapping. 3. to cripple (a person) by shooting in the : Terrorists were kneecapping prospective jurors. /ˈniːˌkæp/ noun 1. (anatomy) a nontechnical name for patella 2. another word for poleyn verb (transitive) -caps, -capping, -capped […]

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