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a bus that can lower its body or entrance door to facilitate boarding by the elderly or people with disabilities.


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  • Kneepad

    [nee-pad] /ˈniˌpæd/ noun 1. a of leather, foam rubber, etc., as one worn by football or basketball players to protect the . /ˈniːˌpæd/ noun 1. any of several types of protective covering for the knees Also called kneecap

  • Kneepan

    [nee-pan] /ˈniˌpæn/ noun 1. the kneecap or patella. /ˈniːˌpæn/ noun 1. (anatomy) another word for patella

  • Knee-pants

    plural noun 1. knee-length pants, especially those formerly worn by boys considered too young to wear full-length trousers (often used as a term symbolizing youth): I haven’t felt this way since I was in knee pants.

  • Kneepiece

    [nee-pees] /ˈniˌpis/ noun 1. a of armor for protecting the , as a poleyn.

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