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a cheap ornament; trinket
an ornamental article of furniture, dress, etc

also knickknack, 1570s, reduplication of knack “stratagem, trick.”


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  • Knickknacks

    [nik-nak] /ˈnɪkˌnæk/ noun 1. an ornamental trinket or gimcrack; a bit of bric-a-brac.

  • Knickpoint

    /ˈnɪkˌpɔɪnt/ noun 1. a break in the slope of a river profile caused by renewed erosion by a rejuvenated river noun a place in a river where its gradient changes and it begins to flow more steeply; a sharp drop in streambed elevation Examples The greater the volume of water flowing over a knickpoint, the […]

  • Knies

    [knees] /knis/ noun 1. Karl Gustav Adolf [kahrl goo s-tahf ah-dawlf] /kɑrl ˈgʊs tɑf ˈɑ dɔlf/ (Show IPA), 1821–98, German statistician and historical economist.

  • Kniest syndrome

    Kniest syndrome (knēst) n. An inherited syndrome characterized by short limbs, round face with central depression, enlargement and stiffness of joints, and contracture of fingers, and often including cleft palate, scoliosis, retinal detachment and myopia, and deafness; it is a form of metatropic dwarfism.

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