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Knock into the middle of next week

verb phrase

To hit extremely hard; clobber (1836+)


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  • Knock it off

    verb phrase To stop doing or saying something; desist; cut it out •Often a stern command: I told you creeps to knock it off, now I’m gonna waste you (1902+) Quit or stop doing something, as in Knock it off, boys! That’s enough noise. This term is often used as an imperative. [ ; c. […]

  • Knock-knee

    [nok-nee] /ˈnɒkˌni/ noun 1. inward curvature of the legs, causing the knees to knock together in walking. 2. knock-knees, the knees of a person whose legs have such curvature. noun 1. a condition in which the legs are bent inwards causing the knees to touch when standing Technical name genu valgum knock-knee (nŏk’nē’) n. A […]

  • Knockoff

    [nok-awf, -of] /ˈnɒkˌɔf, -ˌɒf/ noun 1. an act or instance of knocking off. 2. an unlicensed copy of something, especially fashion clothing, intended to be sold at a lower price than the original. n. “cheap imitation,” 1966, from the verbal phrase knock off “do hastily;” in reference to the casual way the things are made. […]

  • Knock off a piece

    verb phrase To do the sex act; copulate; screw (1940s+)

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