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Knock something out

verb phrase

To make or produce, esp rather quickly and crudely: I haven’t got time to knock the script out myself (1856+)


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  • Knock the bottom out of

    Also, knock the props out from under. Render invalid, undermine. For example, The discovery of another planet that might support life knocks the bottom out of many theories, or Jane’s skilled debating knocked the props out from under her opponent. The first expression dates from the late 1800s, the variant from the first half of […]

  • Knock the habit

    verb phrase To stop taking drugs, esp end a drug addiction

  • Knock the living daylights out of

    Also, knock the shit or stuffing or tar out of . See beat the living daylights out of

  • Knock them in the aisles

    Related Terms lay them in the aisles

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