Alfred A(braham) 1892–1984, U.S. publisher.
Contemporary Examples

Reprinted with permission from Pantheon Books, a Knopf Doubleday Imprint, a division of Random House, Inc.
Benjamin Franklin, America’s First Storm Chaser Lee Sandlin April 13, 2013

Timothy W. Ryback’s Hitler’s Private Library is published this month by Knopf.
Hitler’s Bedtime Reading Timothy Ryback October 16, 2008

The Church was provided no advance copy, despite five requests to Mr. Wright and his publisher Knopf to do so.
Church of Scientology Details Error in Lawrence Wright’s Book Karen Pouw January 22, 2013

With permission from the publisher, Knopf, a division of Random House.
A Harem for Every Man Richard Bernstein June 3, 2009

From Jewish Cooking in America by Joan Nathan, Knopf 1994.
Roast Chicken, Eggplant Pancakes, Cranberry-Walnut Tart The Daily Beast December 22, 2008

Historical Examples

As for any hint of suspicion falling even remotely upon the man, the very idea appeared to Mr. Knopf absolutely preposterous.
The Old Man in the Corner Baroness Orczy

The Allen window tent is on the same order as Knopf’s, the difference being chiefly in size.
Nurses’ Papers on Tuberculosis : Various

However, Mr. Knopf insisted on talking to Mr. Howard through his bath-room door.
The Old Man in the Corner Baroness Orczy

He himself had been in Mr. Knopf’s employ over fifteen years, and was his only indoor servant.
The Old Man in the Corner Baroness Orczy

He must have Mr. Knopf’s diamonds about him at this moment.’
The Old Man in the Corner Baroness Orczy

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