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Know all the answers

verb phrase

know a thing or two
know it all
know one’s way around
. Be extremely knowledgeable or experienced. These idioms may be used somewhat differently, expressing overconfidence, as in
Helen always knew all the answers, or thought she did
, or competence, as in
Bob knows a thing or two about battery technology
, or ruefulness, as in
I thought I knew it all about plants and then I got poison ivy
, or genuine expertise, as in
John knows his way around tax forms
. The first term dates from the early 1900s, the second from the later 1700s, the third from the later 1800s, and the fourth, also put as
know one’s way about
, dates from the 1500s. Also see

; under
tricks of the trade


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    verb phrase To have practical sagacity; be worldly-wise; know what’s what (1792+) see: know all the answers

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    Be able to recognize something as wrong or not possible, as in Mary should know better than to leave her child alone in the house, or Try to get in without a ticket? You know better than that. [ c. 1700 ]

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