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Know what one is talking about

verb phrase

To be very knowledgeable •Often used in the negative, denoting speaking in ignorance: popped off without knowing what he was talking about (1920+)


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  • Know where one stands

    1. Be aware of one’s position relative to others, or how one is regarded by others, as in I’d love to know where I stand with the new board. 2. Be aware of one’s own opinion or feelings about something, as in He knows where he stands on the issue of public housing.

  • Know where the bodies are buried

    verb phrase To have intimate and secret knowledge, esp of something criminal, scandalous, etc: The president reckoned he had to keep that lawyer quiet, because he knew where the bodies were buried (1960s+)

  • Know which way is up

    verb phrase To have practical sagacity; know what’s what: Beneath the tunes and the glories, Mozart knew which way was up, and had a first-class comic imagination/ They was all badly scared and muddled, and didn’t know which end was uppermost (1891+)

  • Knox

    [noks] /nɒks/ noun 1. (William) Frank(lin) 1874–1944, U.S. publisher and government official. 2. Henry, 1750–1806, American Revolutionary general: 1st U.S. secretary of war 1785–94. 3. John, c1510–72, Scottish religious reformer and historian. 4. Philander Chase [fi-lan-der] /fɪˈlæn dər/ (Show IPA), 1853–1921, U.S. lawyer and politician: secretary of state 1909–13. 5. Fort. . /nɒks/ noun 1. […]

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